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Applying what works and getting results.

Leadership and Management

Monitor Improve Change (MIC)

  • Explore the MIC model and see how it can help you make the changes you want. 

Coaching and Mentoring 

CPD & Overcoming Challenges 

  • Learn about the approach taken by ace-d


 Understanding and Managing Learning Needs

  • See a sample page from the  e-book and find out how to download a copy


A Guide on How to Survive your Education

  • See what is in this e-book and find out how you can download your own copy.

How we can help.

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I believe that teaching is a team activity and like any team sometimes it needs augmenting. I also know that finding the right person with the necessary experience and skills can also be a challenge. With 36 years of teaching experience in a variety of roles and circumstances and years of research I know I could be that person.

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Advocating Creativity in Education

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Advocating Creativity is a product of my own experience, ideas and approaches to teaching and learning. I find that inspiring others often comes from asking them to look at things differently. The use of the word "creativity" for ace-d was chosen to emphasise the key characteristic of my approach to finding successful solutions to the challenges faced in teaching and learning

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