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Welcome to ace-d

Welcome to our world, it is exciting, life transforming, challenging and rewarding.

However you came by this site the important thing is that you have found a door. A door to a place where you will be helped to explore the delights, wonders and excitement of teaching and learning.

There is something here for everyone:

At the heart of what we do and why we do it are people; it is about helping them reach their potential and realise their dreams.

In order to give you an idea of the way we think and work at ace-d a number of free and without obligation resources are available for download. All we ask is that you acknolwedge the source should you use any of the ideas.

It is hoped that
ace-d will add its voice and ideas to developing a creative approach to education and looks forward to working with those of open mind and without prejudice.

Resources that Rock is the comprehensive guide to evaluating existing resources and developing new ones. If you want engaged learners and to produce successful resources this publication is for you. The very popular Teaching Ideas sheet "Worksheets that Work" is based on this work and hints at the many areas Resources that Rock covers. Included is a 19 point checklist you can use to evaluate any resource including texts books, software and learning packages. When you consider how much time and money goes into developing or buying resources it makes sense to have a standard by which you can judge them as well as a guide in helping to produce trouble free ones of your own.


 The e-book Understanding Learning Needs is the outcome of over three decades of successful teaching in all manner of challenging circumstances. Reviews have praised its practical, down to earth approach firmly rooted in the daily demands and challenges of teaching. This book will make you reflect on your teaching in a way that will bring about changes to the way you teach.
Purchase your copy here.




webassets/blog_home.jpgace-d Blog
 Ideas and thoughts about teaching and learning are shared through e-news. You can find the latest article here.


Find out more about Kevin by visiting 


webassets/LQ_teacher.jpgLearning Intelligence LQ
LQ is the concept I have developed to describe how learners interact and adapt to their learning environment. Once aware of how we can manage our learning environment to meet our learning needs we become less stressed and better learners. Teachers who are aware of this concept are better placed to understand student behaviour and manage learning more effectively.   I have now included a page explaining LQ and you can read more on my Blog at 4c3d.wordpress which has several articles discussing and outlining this concept in more detail. Well worth a visit!

NEW  On-line Coaching and Mentoring details
Details of the new on-line coaching and mentoring service are available for download. Over the last six months we have evaluated using on-line services to deliver an effective teacher coaching and mentoring service.
Advantages of online coaching include:
1) anywhere coaching
2) lower session cost and
3) an ability to efficiently share and discuss resources instantly. 

We can all learn, we may not all learn in the same way but we can all learn

Contact us at info@ace-d.co.uk  or Tel: 01604 891229 (Office hours - 10:00am-4:00pm)
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